Economy of the United Kingdom of Weardale


Bishop Auckland is the Financial Hub of Weardale

Currency Pound sterling (GBP)
Fiscal year 6 April – 5 April
Trade organisations Spiritus, World Assembly

£390 Billion (nominal; 2016)

£261 Billion (PPP; 2016)

GDP rank

485th (Nominal)

GDP growth 240px-Green Arrow Up.svg9.9% (Jul 3 - Jul 4)
GDP per capita

£55,742 (nominal; 250th; 2016)

£37,347 (PPP; 2016)

GDP by sector

Private Business (68.8%)

Government (24.4%)

State-Owned (6.0%)

Black Market (0.8%)

Inflation (CPI)  0.3% (Jul 2016)[3]
Base borrowing rate 0.5%
Population belowpoverty line 14% (2016 est.)[4]
Gini coefficient  0.32 (2014)[5]
Labour force 5.20 Million (Jul 2016) (Employment rate 63.25%.)[6]
Unemployment 2000px-Green Arrow Down.svg22.75%, 1.2 Million  (Jul 2016)
Average gross salary £4,645 (Monthly)
Average net salary £3,270 Monthly

Business Outlook Index

244th (64.22)
Exports £2 Billion (2016)
Imports £4 Billion (2016)
Import goods List
Current account +£211 Billion (2016)
Gross external debt £0 (2016) (498th)
Public finances
Government Budget £95.4 Billion (2016, 24.0% of GDP)
Budget deficit +£294.6 Billion (2016–2017 FY)
Revenues £390 Billion (2016
Expenses £95.4 Billion (2016 FY)
Economic aid 0.0014%, £553 Million (2016) (donor)
Credit rating Standard & Poor's:[18]


Outlook: Positive

The Economy of the United Kingdom of Weardale, is a high-income, advanced economy. As of 2016, it is ranked as the 485th largest economy in the Spirius region, and has a GDP per capital of £55,742, the 250th highest in Spiritus. The income tax rate as of July 4th 2016 is 29.6%. Weardale is a small nation, and is therefore highly susceptible to economic shocks from surrounding nations. Despite being a small nation, Weardale is relitivley self sufficient, with low Imports and Exports. Weardale is renknowned for it's Civil rights and political freedom in the work place, ranked 32nd in Spiritus for the latter. The economy has fluctuated highly in recent times, in the last period the economy grew by 9.9%.

Weardale is a high income nation, with the average net salary of an employee £3,270 monthly after tax. There is high equality within Weardale, the average earnings are £55,742, with the lowest 10% on average earning £41,228 and the highest 10% earning £60,572 per person. 

For it's tax rates, Weardale is ranked 357th in Spiritus, due to it's high 29.6% base tax rates, high earners are taxed heavily to minimise inequality within the nation, leading to scepticism amongst the population to rich individuals. 

The strong Weardalean economy, worth £390 billion  a year, is broadly diversified and led by the Pizza Delivery industry, with major contributions from Uranium Mining, Automobile Manufacturing, and Information Technology. State-owned companies are reasonably common. Average income is £55,742 , and distributed extremely evenly, with little difference between the richest and poorest citizens.

Weardale is ranked 31,182ndin the world and 93rd in Spiritus for Largest Soda Pop Sector, scoring 2,466.53 on the Addison-Fukk Productivity Rating.

Economic Growth
Date Est Size. Growth
Jul 1st 2016 £308 Billion ----------
Jul 2nd 2016 £293 Billion 600px-Red Arrow Down.svg-4.1%
Jul 3rd 2016 £355 Billion 240px-Green Arrow Up.svg21.1%
Jul 4th 2016 £390 Billion 240px-Green Arrow Up.svg9.9%
Weardale Economic Forum

2016 Estimate[3]

Government Budget
Date Est Size. % of GDP Growth
Jul 3rd 2016 £66.7 Billion 24.0% ---------
Jul 4th 2016 £95.4 Billion 24.4% 240px-Green Arrow Up.svg43.0%
Weardale Economic Forum

2016 Estimate[3]

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